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150th Game Football Milestone- Abbi Bolt


Chris Yeend catches up with Darley star Abbi Bolt on the eve of her 150th football milestone game.

Chris Yeend – Why did you get into playing football? 
Abbi Bolt – I tried out dancing, and sucked at it big time. I grew up watching AFL with my family so when my parents asked me what sport I want to play and I said football,

CY – What do you love most about it? 
AB – I love the nature of the game, the atmosphere when you are playing; but most importantly the bond and sportsmanship you form with your team.

CY – Which club/s have you played for and how long? 
AB – Bacchus Marsh Football Netball Club (one year), Gisborne Rookies Football Club (one year), Darley Football Netball Club (nine years) and the Western Jets Football Club (four years).

CY – Do you remember anything from your first game? 
AB – That I only got one touch of the footy for the entire game.

CY – How do you feel about the growth of female football around Australia and do you think more girls should be encouraged to take it up? 
AB – For me it’s a surreal feeling. I can’t believe I get to witness this newest chapter in AFL history. The growth and movement in female footy has been phenomenal. I always say that ot’s the best game in the world; and I would encourage every female of all abilities to give it a try.

CY – Do you remember much about your 50th and 100th games? 
AB – Not exact details but I do remember the sense of pride and achievement I felt.

CY – How important are these milestones not just for you; but for female football in the region considering that it is still a growing sport? 
AB – I think it’s important for the younger kids coming through to set goals and to have role models they aspire to be like and better than. When I hear about someone celebrating 50 or 100 games I instantly think that the future is in good hands. The passion and dedication is clearly there. I look up to our Senior men footballers who have played 300 games, that’s where I aspire to be someday.

CY – Age? 
AB – 17 (18 in just over a week)

CY – What position/s do you play? 
AB – Ruck and anywhere in the forward line.

CY – Which position do you enjoy playing the most and why? 
AB – I enjoy playing ruck because it is a unique position and takes a lot of handwork to try learn the art behind being a successful ruck. I love the challenge.

CY – What would be your most memorable moment in a game? 
AB – Kicking my first ever goal when I played with the junior boys. It only took three years, haha!

CY – How exciting is it to have Darley really get behind female football? 
AB – It is beyond words for me. To be able to play through all the age divisions at Darley is a dream of mine that they made come true. We truly have the most all-inclusive supportive club.

CY – Any inspiring things a coach has said to you over your career that motives you? 
AB – Before I play I reflect on lots of different things but one thing that motivates me in particular is a speech AFL mentor Chyloe Kurdis gave to me and my team when I was much younger.
Chyloe used to say, “We are pioneers of the game so let’s go out there and give it our best, be our best and set the standard for the future generation. Everything we do now is history in the making”.

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