Good Morning Devils Faithful.

After discussions with the Executive Committee and the Darley Senior Coaching and Ops staff, we have made the hard decision as a senior club to abandon a 2020 season and put our focus on 2021.

The Darley FNC will put the health of players, coaching staff, supporters, volunteers, trainers and all of their families as our number one priority during this pandemic.

The repercussions a positive result or a spread could have on our Darley family, and then the impact this can then have on our local businesses and broader community, that our players are apart of is paramount to our decision.

I think you all know how much we love our Footy and Netty, so it does sadden us that 2020 has gone from bad to worse.

It has been a tough year, but let’s concentrate on making our club stronger and keener to give it a real crack in 2021.

We once again thank you all for your support and loyalty in past years and going forward.