Clifton Drive House Project

After years of discussions about the club building a house as a fundraiser we are now over half way complete and looking at a finish date of mid-June. The house is located at 113 Clifton drive and only accessible from the Hallets way overpass until the road connects in the near future.

The club engaged long-term sponsor and local builder Shane Cook Homes to oversee the project and its viability.  We are a proud club including many blue-collar workers with many trades people involved.  Many of our members and supporters have given so much commitment to this venture and their efforts are greatly appreciated by Darley Football Netball.

The site set out was completed in October last year by Steve Kennedy and his brother, both licenced surveyors.  This work then kick-started our new investment.

Former premiership coach Jarred Edwards & Dwayne Edwards from Allan Edwards Plumbingcame on board and completed the underground sewer, stormwater and mains water.  All of these works were donated in full.

John Cadman from ACME Electrical who has all 5 children Joel, Duncan, Melissa, Aaron and Nick playing in our junior club then sourced material and fittings to complete the temporary power set up.  They also completed paperwork required for the electrical permit and provided the labour needed for the installation.

Shane Cook Homes then arranged for the footings and slab to be poured.  Shane then brought in his carpentry team to do the frame, roof trusses and windows.   This opened up a large area of works that could once again be completed by our own contractors.   Glen Davies being a club gold sponsor for over 5 years jumped in to donate all of the hot and cold water with gas rough-in included.  Once again John Cadman with the help of Ross Bewley came in and pre wired the electrical.

Spout and fascia was installed by premiership player Ryan Closter and the roof laid.  This was all from donations by Ryan Closter, Scott McKay, David Young, Luther Baker, Sam Holt, James Whitney, Shane Page, Ziggy, Drew Edwards, Harley Inglis.

Bricklaying was completed at a discount rate thanks to Bryce McGrath and his master block layer Brant Lopes.

Dean Leonard and his boys from new club sponsors Comfy First came in and donated the heating and cooling package required.

Ross Bewley had a few days free so he installed the wall insulation..

Plastering is starting this week with still many of our trades to come back to complete works for hand over

To date the project has been coordinated and lead by Shane Cook Homes and their team in an unbelievable manner.  Dealing with many new trades and behind the scenes issues Shane has again proven why his reputation for superior quality and detailing in the building industry is unquestionable.

Darley Football Netball Club can’t thank enough all of the wonderful club tradies that are doing so much for this project along with Shane Cook himself.   We really appreciate their efforts and look forward to saying thank you again at the completion party.

A special mention must go to the huge efforts of our immediate past president, Project Coordinator Grant Wright from Industry Cladding & Roofing who together with current Vice President, Mark Shelley, Director of Stockdale & Leggo have worked tirelessly to bring this great fund-raising concept to fruition.  These two blokes are great Devils’ clubmen and their efforts must not  go unheralded.

Please visit or phone them on 03 5367 5700 for all buyers enquiries.

Go Devils