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Local footy writer Todd Whelan catches up with the Devils in isolation for a series of interviews over the coming weeks – stay connected with the DFNC Facebook page to find out how the players are travelling….

Devil:   Jake Ancrum  #4

Age: 24

Recruited from: Darley juniors

Games played: 101  (inc 2015-17 flags)           

Position: Half forward

AFL support team: Collingwood

Occupation: Plumber


(TW): Will there be anyone more happier than your Mum (Michelle) reading this interview after we missed you last year?

(JA): (laughs) Probably not!

(TW): By the way, how is Mum and Dad with their feedback on your match performance?

(JA): They tend to blow up my tyres at times but for the most part they’re pretty straight up – they’re my number #1 supporters.

(TW): I’m aware there is a Facebook Challenge amongst the boys in isolation and how much training you’re all doing –  are the rumours true that you’re leading the way with a 16km run under your belt?

(JA): That was true until the weekend before Luther Baker ran 20km – I was shattered. But I was able to have a little chuckle when I heard Harley (Inglis) went 20.3km just to wind him up. If that wasn’t enough Brad Inglis went 21km to stick it up his brother!!!

(TW): How would you rate your fitness levels out of 10 if you had to play this week?

(JA): 6-7 I reckon. Match fitness is something you can’t develop in isolation.

(TW): What are you missing most in the absence of footy?

(JA): Being around my mates definitely and the catch up celebration after a win.

(TW): You spent some considerable time through the midfield in 2019, is that an area you see yourself doing more of in the future?

(JA): Yes, it’s a position I enjoy. All of the good players play through the midfield – i’d definitely take up the next opportunity for sure.

(TW): Do you enjoy a tagging role – you were given a few assignments in 2019 under Heath Scotland?

(JA): It was a role I played more of in my younger years, say 19-20 yo and I learnt alot. I enjoy the challenge, but it’s not something I would want to get used to doing every week.

(TW): You don’t mind a goal – who is most likely to hit you on a lead ‘laces out’ from 35-40 metres?

(JA): Jackson Carrick is very reliable – (AKA ‘The Cake Man’)

(TW): It’s a tough competition, in a word tell me what you perceive as Darley’s strength and weakness?

(JA): Strength – Physicality – that’s our bench mark. Weakness – When we don’t bring the physicality we’re vulnerable.

(TW): During this isolation, what’s your go to signature dish cooking at home?

(JA): Tortellini Amatriciana – i’m all over it! (fact check – ask Shane Page!)

(TW): Has anyone told ‘Chum’ what’s going on with the footy landscape at the moment? Unless he’s got new batteries for that ‘tranny’ radio, it must be very strange to see no-one around the  club?

(JA): I saw the great man just recently and he was looking a bit lost. Can’t wait for the footy to return and see the smile back on his face!