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Local footy writer Todd Whelan catches up with new Devils playing coach Dan Roy for the next installment of  ‘ interviews in isolation’  – stay connected with the DFNC Facebook page to find out how the players and staff are travelling….

Devil:   Dan Roy      (Playing coach)

Age:  32

Recruited from: Lorne

Games played (Darley):   12 (inc 2017 flags)  

Position:  Midfield

AFL support team:  Richmond

Occupation: Builder


(TW): Do you expect new recruits Ben Said and George Steven to remain at the club if footy goes ahead in 2020?

(DR): Yes, definitely. Lock it in.

(TW): What’s your take on the likelihood of footy in 2020 (BFNL)?

(DR): For the sake of the boys I really hope so. Personally, i’m reasonably confident there’ll be some footy that goes ahead.

(TW): How have you been able to keep your finger on the pulse as a coach in isolation re preparing the players?

(DR): The group has been fantastic, I haven’t had to do that much. They’ve got their ‘group’ page of challenges ongoing which is proving healthy on all levels at the club. There’s good banter between them all. I’ve been rapt with how self driven they all are.

(TW): How much time is ‘reasonable’ to have your guys ready for a belated return in round one?

(DR): It couldn’t be any less than a month. While the miles in the legs won’t be a problem, it’s the sharpening of the skills and more importantly game planning that will need time.

(TW): What is it about the DFNC that had you wanting the head coaching position?

(DR): Having spent time already at the club, the appreciation for the place I have with it’s family and community inclusion is something else. I have a knowledge base of how they play – I haven’t had to re-invent the wheel persae after Heath (Scotland) left. A different face with the same message you could say – I think we’re well and truly in the Premiership window which also helps so we haven’t had to add a lot (personnel) which can be challenging.

(TW): What do you see as the non-negotiables for players under you – your mantra so to speak?

(DR): I place a huge emphasis on effort and playing your role. Tick those two boxes and you play next week. Also, I like to promote a player driven environment that intends to enhance enjoyment levels which is crucial to getting the most out of an individual and ultimately, the team..

(TW): In what area(s) for the club on field do you see the greatest room for improvement?

(DR): Forward. Outside of Jake (Edwards) we had limited options for goal. The addition of Ben (Said) will add star quality and provide us with an X-factor player who can turn a game in five minutes.

(TW): Alternatively what do you perceive to be Darley’s major strengths?

(DR): Everyone is aware of our back six and their impact over recent times and I see no reason why that won’t continue. We’ve added versatility to our midfield options and X factor forward. I think the group is extremely well rounded at present – you can add eight kids under 20 that can play senior footy into that equation. I expect healthy competition for spots at the selection table.

(TW): Are you a fan of the proposed option to play under the new lights at Darley Park for premiership points given the Devils impeccable day record at home (16-2 last two seasons)?

(DR): Absolutely, the addition of the new lights is fantastic for the club. Night or day, we’re happy to play anyone at ‘home’.

(TW): Good luck in your new role at the top Dan, I know the club is right behind you.