Darley 10.9.69 def Sebastopol 7.8.50

Goal scorers: W. Johnson (3), B. Wright (3), J. Cadman (3), B. Bishop, D. Bishop
Best on: Matthew Brett, Joel Cadman, Brady Wright, Adam Azzopardi, Duncan Cadman, Matt Denham

The boys travelled up the road for a tough away assignment v a rejuvenated Sebastopol last weekend.

It was a high pressure game early, and despite an early goal to Sebas, we were able to get some ball movement going with the wind and went into quarter time with a 20 point lead.

An arm wrestle ensued for the next 2 quarters – Denham, Bewley, Adam Azzopardi and Duncan Cadman working feverishly around the contest to win some ball to our forwards who were making the most of limited opportunities.

Wright, Johnson and Joel Cadman provided great aerial targets despite Sebas’ nullification between the arcs and we held a slender 8 point lead at three quarter time kicking against the wind.

A steely look in the players eyes said they were up for the challenge in the last.

Sebas threw everything at us early but Matty Brett, Le Huray, Ancrum and co refused to be passed and enabled us to break forward a few times to see Johnson, Wright and young Bailey Bishop seize their moments to give us a 19 point win.

A great win away losing injuries early playing a spirited and intense side and our tired boys welcome the break as we move into the next phase of our season.

Go Devils!



Darley 5.8.38 def by Sebastopol 9.7.61

Goal scorers: D. Matricardi (2), D. Beecham, R. Densley, J. Taylor
Best on: Darcy Matricardi, Jarrod White, Alex Sweet, Ryan Densley, Jack Taylor, Deacon Fawcett

Although Sebastopol were third on the ladder and us eighth my boys were confident of a good showing.

Our team is starting to take shape even though we haven’t fielded the same team twice this year due to injuries and unavailability, but still we always do the Darley family proud.

For the first quarter and most of the second it was a great battle. Both teams matched each other’s intensity, and with six minutes to go in the first half we were only 8 points behind. Sebastopol then kicked three goals in four minutes to take a 29 point lead into half time.

We spoke of all the areas we needed to tighten up on in the second half, but unfortunately for us Sebastopol came out in the third term and out played us to the extent that they took a 44 point lead into the last term.

In the huddle we spoke highlighted how Sebastopol got away from us and every player decided to challenge themselves in the last quarter.

Low and behold we came out breathing fire and we were not about to get blown away on the scoreboard, we won the quarter convincingly and walked away knowing that we played our best footy.

They ended up beating us by 24 points, but as the siren sounded it was 18 points and a goal after the siren extended their winning margin.

It just shows what we are capable of when willing to  play for each other, we will be sticking fat and look forward to the second half of the season.

Coach Cam


Under 19s

Darley 1.3.9 def by Sebastopol 16.7.103

Goal scorers: D. Fawcett
Best on: Logan Growcott, Lucas Smits, James Hardinge, Deacon Fawcett, Cayden Hewett, Jackson Davies

We headed down to Sebastopol on a lovely nice and fresh morning where we were due to do battle with our opposition.

We had 18 players able to take the field and were challenged from the moment the ball was bounced.

Sebastopol were a quality opponent and it was clear on the scoreboard showed from the start to the end of the match.

We had some highlights with a debutant playing really well and got some drive from some young players, but it was not enough for us to get over the line.

We’re looking forward to the midseason break where we can get our squad healthy and ready to attack the second half of the season with an enthusiasm and desire to see where we can go.

Josh Baker, Coach



Darley 12.11.83 def Bacchus Marsh 3.5.23

Goal scorers: K. Bessell (3), M. Clarke (2), L. Condon (2), M. Rawlings (2), A. Killeen, T. Morrissey, M. Wolterman
Best on: Lilli Condon, Charlotte Hill, Sarah Tabone, Madalyn Clarke, Jaye Dalgleish, Kim Bessell

It is always a build-up when playing our cross-town rivals and it was no different for this game.

As expected the Cobras brought plenty of pressure, but the Devil’s absorbed everything they threw at us and put together our first four quarter game for the season to run out comfortable winners by 60 points.

The first quarter was a real arm wrestle where both teams were sorting each other out and both defences were seeing plenty of the ball, only through persistence and pressure were we able to kick 2.1 for the quarter whilst limiting our opposition to one behind.

The second quarter was when the Devils really started flexing their muscle. Our midfield lead by the ever-reliable Condon, Hill, Tabone and Dalgleish rolled up their sleeves and went to work continuously linking up with each other and feeding the ball out to our runners in Killeen, Wolterman and Le Huray.

By halftime we had a comfortable five goal lead on the board, but we were cautious that a game can turn very quickly. Our backline lead by Oughtred, Hitch and Clarke stood up well to any forward movements by the Cobras and with great support from Wilks, Taylor and Tschujasehenko, restricted our opposition to two behinds for the first half.

A couple of the magnets got moved around at halftime to allow us to have a look at some players in other positions. Although our opposition did score a couple of goals for the quarter, they struggled to contain our continuous movement of the ball around the ground, which allowed us to kick another three goals and have a comfortable 40-point lead at three quarter time.

A challenge was set for our players at the last break as our last quarters have been our worst all season. The players took on the challenge and worked hard putting together our best last quarter by kicking another four goals and restricting our opposition to one goal.

The team is starting to gel as everyone is now getting used to playing with all our new players who have come to the club this year. And although we have a bye next weekend due to the King’s Birthday, planning will commence as we prepare for the second half of the season that commences in two weeks.

Brett Faulkhead, Coach



Under 19s

Darley 35 def Sebastopol 31

Goal scorers: A. Harris, T. Burnett
Best on: Maddy, Taleah

Another successful week for our 19s girls coming away with a win against Sebastopol.

Although securing the win, we didn’t play the best game due to a shortage of players which became evident on court as the ball got thrown away a few times, with Sebas capitalising on our mistakes.

Despite this the girls tried their best to stay in front and come away with the win.

We thank Alex Harris for filling in down the goaling end and her confidence in feeding into Taleah, creating a strong start to the game.

At the other end of the court, we had a familiar face fill the defensive circle, Lily Normington, younger sister of Alyssa, who was effective in the circle against the Burras goalers.

Sophia and Maddy


E Grade

Darley y def by Sebastopol 18
Game abandoned during third quarter due to player injury

Goal scorers: K. Libbis, I. Di Mieri
Best on: Lisa Kight, Keeley Libbis

Unfortunately our day down in Ballarat did not go the way we would have liked with the game being called off during the third quarter due to an injury to one of our own.

We wish Nat all the best with her recovery and hope to see her back on the court sooner rather than later.

With these next two weeks off due to King’s Birthday weekend and the bye hopefully we can all come back and put in 100% effort.

Lisa, captain


D Grade

Darley 29 def Sebastopol 23

Goal scorers: M. Jackson, S. Johnston
Best on: Ashlee Byron, Ella Closter

Another win on the board for our D Grade girls which is an amazing achievement in itself!

There’s been a few changes to the side in the last couple of weeks and it’s been incredible to see our new girls gel into the side seamlessly.

Our defensive dream team with Ash Byron and Mikaila Ball is working an absolute delight, and our shooters Megan Jackson, Sienna Johnson and Jess Blake are absolute champions in the ring.

We’re looking forward to a very well deserved two weeks off as we start to focus on the second half of the season and put what we’ve learnt so far into actions.

Caitlin, Captain


C Grade

Darley 29 def by Sebastopol 40

Goal scorers: A. Harris, B. Ellis, S. Johnston
Best on: Alyssa Normington, Lauren Martin

Unfortunately Round 8 wasn’t our week with a loss of 40-29 against Sebastopol.

The girls put on a really strong front for the first quarter, leaving it goal for goal. However, by the second quarter Sebastopol took advantage of some mistakes in our attacking end and used it to secure their 11 point lead.

Overall the girls played a good game. With some more work on our attack end and passages of play I believe we can get a win against them on our home ground.

A big well done to our girls in defence Lauren and Alyssa, who consistently provided great defensive pressure against experienced players without dropping their head once.

Britt, captain


B grade

Darley 36 def Sebastopol 40

Goal scorers: A. Nagle, T. Burnett, T. McCleish
Best on: Addison Wright, Maddy Ierino

It was an evenly matched day for B grade against Sebas who in the end took advantage of their opportunities more than we did.

It was a tough day for our defenders, who were up against one of the smartest and most experienced goalers we have played to date.

There were some good passages of play and a good team defence, but to win these close games we need to take the opportunities when they come to us.

Hopefully after the break, when we get co captain Sarah back into the mix and we can find some rhythm to play the netball we know we are capable of for four quarters.

Kaylee, captain


A grade

Darley 50 def Sebastopol 40

Goal scorers: O. Cawthray, E. Closter, M. Nagle
Best on: Olivia Cawthray, Matilda Elliot

Another strong game from our A grade girls who came away with a 10 goal win over Sebastopol.

The team is heading into the break undefeated and top of the ladder.

It has been outstanding to see how much this team has grown so far this season and it’s exciting to see what the rest of the season will bring for them.

Tilly and Mon