Darley 18.11.119 def Ballarat 8.7.55

Goal scorers: B. Myers 4, L. Spiteri 4, J. Cadman 2, H. Inglis 2, W. Johnson 2, A. Azzopardi, B. Bewley, D. Bishop, B. Wright
Best on: Leigh Spiteri, Brett Bewley, Matt Denham, Luther Baker, Jyson Fawcett, Harley Inglis

Round four saw us travel up to Ballarat to take on the in form Swans. After a couple of early goals we managed to get the game back on our terms and take a one goal lead into quarter time.

Our mids in Bewley, Baker and Denham were starting to ascend themselves on the contest and provided good opportunities for our forwards to convert, opening up a five goal break at the half.

Our forwards Myers & Spiteri (four goals each) as well as Joel Cadman, Inglis and Johnson (two goals) all had impact while our defenders Le Huray, Ancrum, M Ward and Fawcett were all solid in defence and provided good rebound.

A solid (almost) four quarter effort as we build into the season. Looking forward to a quality match against the dangerous Redan this week.



Darley 9.12.66 def by Ballarat 13.13.91

Goal scorers: J. Taylor 3, D. Peacock 2, N. Baker, D. Francis, J. Runge, L. Vassallo
Best on: Riley Matricardi, Justin Runge, Jarrod White, Riley Bishop, Noah Baker, Dale Peacock

We just can’t get a fair run at it!!

At the start of the week leading into Round four against Ballarat, we were confident of getting a win. BUT as the footy Gods only knew, we couldn’t get the four points.

Our team was severely depleted by injury, illness and unavailability, but nonetheless we soldiered on.

Due to our circumstances we recruited two players who hadn’t touched a football in five years – Josh Lang and Daniel Frances.

We had our chances in the game, and apart from a 10 minute run in the third quarter where we allowed Ballarat to score six goals, it was an even contest.

But we still believed that we could better them in the last quarter and possibly claw back a win. Fight and try as we did we couldn’t peg them back and ended up going down by 25 points.

We won’t give up, and once we get our full strength team up and going, we are confident of putting out effort and performances that will stand with competitors.


 Under 19s

Darley 4.5.29 def by Ballarat 11.20.86

Goal scorers: M. Gardiner 2, C. Growcott, K. Watson
Best on: Chase Sanders, Bayley Bishop, Jack Watson, Mitchell Gardiner, Kristian Williams

We travelled out to Alfredton Park on a beautiful Saturday morning to attack our round four clash vs Ballarat.

The team was a bit under manned with just 18 players available to take the field.

We fought valiantly and the game started off a very heated and tight contest.

We played very well defensively with some great efforts from our backline making intercepts and putting the required pressure on the opponent and forcing them to kick more behinds than goals.

With us unfortunately having injuries occur during the game, we finished with only 16 players on the field.

The effort, desire and intensity was of the level required for us to be not only competitive but start to find some wins.



Darley 17.8.110 def Carisbrook 0.3.3

Goal scorers: Kim Bessell (8), Trinity Skenderis (3), Lilli Condon (2), Abbey Killeen (2), Matilda Rawlings (1), Chloe Oughtred (1)
Best on: Trinity Skenderis, Lilli Condon, Jaye Dalgleish, Abbey Killeen, Kim Bessell, Sarah Tabone

The game was the best the team had played this year so far and though we had a few players missing, it allowed others to step-up and get involved, which they did.

This week it was about respecting our opposition and similar to last week’s game, the game was tighter than the scoreline showed. Carisbrook brought plenty of pressure, but it was our outside run and strong defence that went a long way towards this victory.

The game was a bit congested throughout but again the hard ‘in and under’ work from Dalgleish, Tabone and Hitch was a huge effort as our opposition tried to restrict our movement. Once the ball got out it was then up to our ‘fleet of foot runners’ in Skenderis, Condon, and Killeen to pump the ball into our forward line and let the forwards go to work.

Our movement in and around the forward line still needs some work but our pressure especially deep by Clarke-Hill and Moran (playing her first game for the year) was excellent and resulted in several goals. Bessell was back to her best kicking eight and gave one away and Rawlings presented at CHF.

It was a solid effort by both Otutaha and Watson in the ruck and as each game is played these two are getting stronger at their craft.

And of course, to win games you also need to restrict your opposition when they go forward and again our defence led strongly by Oughtred and Taylor with great support from Tschujasehenko, Wilks and Clarke (playing her first game for the year) were able to restrict our opposition to 3 behinds for the game.

Pontisso played the second half as she works back into game time coming back from her ACL and other first gamers for the year were Phillips and Wolterman who gave great support and will get better as the weeks go by.

We now focus on our next challenge which is East Point next Sunday in Ballarat.



Under 19s

Darley 41 def Ballarat 28

Goal scorers: S. Mason, E. Closter, T. Burnett
Best on: Addison Wright, Madeline Ierino

We had another great win in the under 19s against Ballarat still remaining undefeated.

We started off really strong in the first half and despite dropping off in the fourth quarter, we managed to come away with a convincing win.

The defensive pressure on centre passes and down the court was rewarded with many intercepts and tips which were converted to goals by Sarah, Ella and Taleah.

A very special mention to Addison Wright who had an absolutely incredible game as she dominated in the defensive circle and earned her A grade debut.

Next week we take on Redan at home.

Sophia & Maddy


E grade

Darley 26 def Ballarat 14

Goal scorers: J. Blake, K. Libbis, M. O’Hehir
Best on: Jess Blake, Tahlia Nare

We kept our winning momentum heading into Ballarat.

We continued to build pressure up and down the court which led to turnovers.

We were able to pick up the momentum in the third quarter with massive efforts from Mikayla and Holly and our shooting end continued to build their connections and putting on their own defensive efforts.

Looking forward to a big four quarter effort to face Redan this weekend.



D grade

Darley 39 def Ballarat 15

Goal scorers: M. Jackson, S. Johnston, A. Harris
Best on: Ella Closter, Caitlin Bewley

What a game! It was by far our best of the season.

Every player in the team gave 100% effort for all four quarters and we were rewarded on the scoreboard.

It felt unreal out on the court and we all gelled so well, it was as if we’d been playing together for years.

We were able to play to our strengths and successfully used plays we had worked on at training, making the transition from the defensive end to the shooters seamless.



C grade

Darley 29 def by Ballarat 31

Goal scorers: B. Ellis, A. Harris, R. Hulls
Best on: Ava Densley, Lauren Martin

Bad luck today girls with our first loss against Ballarat 29-31, but what a great fight our C grade girls put up.

We had one slow quarter in the second that saw Ballarat’s lead go out to five points, but to everyone’s credit, we never gave up and we played a great second half only going down by two points.

Once again we had the opportunity to play some other girls and Bella did a fantastic job.

A couple of umpiring decisions didn’t go our way in the last few minutes, but we were in it until the final whistle.

This game showed us exactly what we can work on to not only get the win against the Swans, but against all teams for the remainder of the season.

Renee and Britt.


B grade

Darley 55 def Ballarat 22

Goal scorers: B. Ellis, S. Mason, T. Burnett
Best on: Tarni Lopes, Kaylee Smith

Another awesome win for our B grade girls on the weekend.

It was a great opportunity for us to put into practice the plays we have been working on at training and it was a great defensive effort from the whole team.

Well done to Taleah whose drives continually opened up the goal ring for nice easy feeds to both Britney and Sarah.

Fantastic efforts from Tarni and Ellie in defence who held strong and gave the mids many opportunities to get tips and bring the ball back down to attack.

Another great team effort to build on into next week.

Kaylee and Sarah


A grade

Darley 59 def Ballarat 28
Goal scorers:
O. Cawthray, E. Closter, M. Nagle
Best on: Ella Closter, Anna Lawley

A slow start for our A grade team but a fantastic finish to come away with a 31 goal win.

They showed their adaptability in game style when facing a challenging opposition and blew the game away in the third quarter.

Solid performances across the court with a number of combinations successfully trialled.

A huge shout out to home grown Addison Wright who made her A grade debut and absolutely dominated down in defence.

We are so proud of you.

A commendable effort from the team who showed yet again they are a well-oiled machine.

Monique & Tilly