Darley 10.10.70 def Sunbury 9.8.62

Goal scorers: J. Cadman (2), A. Azzopardi, L. Baker, B. Bewley, H. Inglis, D. Matricardi, R. Matricardi, M. Ward
Best on: Zane Le Huray, Luther Baker, Jyson Fawcett, Matthew Brett, Jake Ancrum, Joel Cadman

Round six saw us travel to Sunbury to take on the in form Lions.

A hot start saw us getting plenty of ball forward with Adam Azzopardi and Luther Baker looking strong in the contest.

A great start keeping Sunbury scoreless, but poor converting in front of goal only saw us 16 points up at quarter time.

Sunbury found their gear and an arm wrestle ensued for the next two quarters. Our young defenders in Le Huray and Fawcett, supported by older heads Ancrum and Brett were resolute in giving as a 21 point lead at the final break.

Unfortunately, a couple of undisciplined free kicks as well as being a few players down injured gave the opposition momentum in front of their home crowd and they took full advantage, running home victors by eight points.

We were left ruing a missed opportunity, and turn our focus to learning and preparing for another big game v Melton this week.

Go Devils!


Darley 0.0.0 def by Sunbury 20.24.144

Goal scorers:
Best on: Drew Locke, James McNair, Ben Crawford, Alex Sweet, Brendan Densley

First and foremost I’d like to tell all the Darley faithful just how proud I am of the 14 Darley players that took to the field against the three-time Premiers.

We started the match with only 12 players but thanks to Brendan (Morth) Densley and Josh (Barge) Baker we got 14 on the field.

Although Sunbury being who they are and wanting to humiliate us still fielded 16 to our 12 then 14. But not dwell on Sunbury’s efforts, this is all about who we are.

We knew that it was going to be a hard day, but we still came with the resolve to represent our club with pride and honour.

Even though we were outnumbered and exhausted, we made them earn everything – there was going to be no easy win for them, not with the Fab 14 getting in there faces all day.

It was a very special team effort and every one of the 14 played their hearts out.

It was a defining moment for me as their coach, just to witness their endeavours, their never give up attitudes and more importantly their smiles after the match. We sat in the rooms after, chugged down a beer or two and we held our heads high.

I’m a proud Coach of the Darley Reserves.

Coach Cammo

Under 19s

Darley 5.6.36 def by Sunbury 12.14.86

Goal scorers: D. Fawcett (4), G. Hatcher
Best on: Bayley Bishop, Grant Hatcher, Deacon Fawcett, Cooper Growcott, Noah Johansen, Logan Growcott

We traveled to Sunbury with an undermanned squad, fielding only 14 players.

I want to firstly thank the Under 17s who put their hand up to help us out, and without four of them stepping up and helping us, unfortunately we would have had to forfeit the game.

The 14 that took the field had specific instructions to play a more negative game style which they played with great courage and character.

We defended hard and defended often. Sunbury were a class outfit and the 14 that took the field regardless of how hard they’d worked or how tired they were gave an inspiring effort and one I’m very proud to have witnessed as a coach.

Sunbury lead the scorers comfortably at three quarter time and what was asked of the team was to win the final quarter.

We outscored Sunbury 2.2.14 to Sunbury’s 1.4.10.

To finish a game strong with no bench and no rotations playing a side who sits second on the ladder offers great inspiration going forward for the rest of the season.

There is more to come from this team.

Josh Baker, Coach


Darley 2.5.17 def by Redan 3.9.27

Goal scorers: K. Bessell, J. Dalgleish
Best on: Jaye Dalgleish, Emmerson Hitch, Lilli Condon, Susan Watson, Charlotte Hill, Sarah Tabone

It was the Grand Final replay.

We were playing a game against a team that whilst we respected them, there was also history between each other, and no love lost out on the ground.

Unfortunately, the game was played in wet and slippery conditions where there was not a high standard of skills on display.

As you would expect, the game was very congested being wet, but we could not have asked for any more than what this team provided on the day.

The pressure and effort by the team was enormous – Dalgleish, Condon, Hitch and Tabone were in and under and fought hard for the ball as they normally do each week.

Le Huray, Killeen and Hill (playing her first game after three weeks out with a hamstring) provided much needed run and the leadership and stability provided by Clarke, Tucker and Oughtred in the backline helped repel many of Redan’s forward moves.

But it was also a game where some of the lesser-known players put their hand up and were recognised as when it was their turn to go, they did not let us or their teammates down.

Watson and Gillon battled all day in the ruck, Wolterman playing her first game on the wing loved the freedom she was provided and Pontisso, Pearce and Wilks strongly supported the backline which was under pressure a bit during the game.

Unfortunately, we had no bench (due to injuries) for much of the second half which did not allow players to rotate and get some much-needed rest. And though we were five points up at three quarter time, we just ran out of legs in the last quarter which allowed Redan to kick two late goals to seal the win.

There were many positives from the game as this was an absolute high-pressure game and the players have shown the level that they can get too, there were also a few learnings that we have taken away and will work on going forward.

We now focus on our next challenge which is Lake Wendouree next Sunday in Ballarat.

Brett Faulkhead, Coach




Under 19s

Darley 41 def Sunbury 20

Goal scorers: E. Closter, T. Burnett, T. McCleish
Best on: Sophia Andreula, Addison Wright

After a devastating loss last week, our under 19s took some time to rebuild our structures and other aspects of play and fortunately came out on top this week against Sunbury.

From the first quarter the girls played competitively and showed strong plays down the whole court.

Then it only got better – the defensive pressure, movement in the circle and transitions down the mid court all increased to come away with a 21 goal win.

Thank you to Tylah who filled in down the scoring end and absolutely delivered!!

Another special mention to Taleah who really stepped up this week and is becoming a really strong shooter for our 19s side.

She was able to score goals from anywhere in the circle whilst under a lot of pressure.

Sophia & Maddy

E Grade

Darley 19 def by Sunbury 38

Goal scorers: B. Di Mieri, M. O’Hehir, K. Libbis
Best on: Nat Davies, Mikaila Bell

A hard game on the road for us against Sunbury who started off strong and continued to do so throughout the game.

We tried a few new set ups and game plans this week that we will need to continue to work on and finesse to continue to improve upon our play.

We had pockets of good down the court play and defensive efforts with everyone having a go at different positions to try to get the scoreline back.

Overall a lot of learning gained from the match that we can use to improve.

Lisa, captain

D Grade

Darley 19 def by Sunbury 42

Goal scorers: M. Jackson, J. Blake, S. Johnston
Best on: Bianka Whyte, Ella Closter

Bad luck last weekend girls. Despite a loss, we gave it our all, and that’s the best we can do!

We still managed to show up and get some scores on the board despite coming up against a really strong side.

Also a huge shout out to Jess Blake for making her debut in D Grade side. A player I’m sure will soon become a huge asset to the team.

Heaps of stuff to work on going into next round against the Bloods, so hopefully we can get another win on the board!

Caitlin, Captain

C Grade

Darley 19 def by Sunbury 39

Goal scorers: A. Harris, B. Ellis, T. McCleish
Best on: Alyssa Normington, Ellie Martin

Round six was a tough game for our C grade girls this week, with a loss of 39-19 against Sunbury.

We played a top side who had both a strong defence and offence which unfortunately affected our confidence levels and control when bringing it down the court.

This week was a hard one girls, but knowing what we can work on as well as gaining confidence within our new shooting combinations, I know we will can regain our determination and fight for another win.

Also, a very big thank you to Tylah for coming in and helping our C grade shooters out!

Britt & Renee

B Grade

Darley 26 def by Sunbury 51

Goal scorers: A. Nagle, T. Burnett
Best on: Holly Barrett, Sophia Andreula

A really tough day for B grade.

Sunbury came out stronger and took control of the game from the beginning.

Hopefully in the next few weeks we can find our feet again and start playing the way we know we can.

On a positive note, congratulations to Darley Junior Alex Harris on her B grade debut.

It has been great to see Alex play with more strength and confidence in each senior game she is playing.

She is one of the many talented juniors we have coming through and we are excited for the many games to come that you will play for our senior club.

Well done Alex!

Kaylee and Sarah

A Grade

Darley 44 def Sunbury 40

Goal scorers: O. Cawthray, E. Closter, M. Nagle
Best on: Anna Lawley, Matilda Elliot

An outstanding win for our A grade girls yesterday.

The girls had a score to settle coming up against an old team mate and they came out firing.

Matilda Elliot and Anna Lawley had outstanding games and made defending look easy even thought they were up against the leading goal scorer and despite Sunbury being a top three side.

On the other end VNL junior Ella Closter dominated the goal circle, no defenders being able to stop her drives in GA and holds in GS.

Overall, an outstanding effort from the entire team who continue to improve and show the league we are the team to watch this season.

Monique and Tilly