Volunteer of the Week- Ally Edwards

This week it is wonderful to recognise the huge effort of our very own Marketing Coordinator Extraordinaire – Allison Edwards.
We love Ally, who has and is doing so much work for the club behind the scenes.  Working with the Executive Committee and right alongside our Marketing Manager – Mark Shelly, Ally has been responsible for some great things that have happened at the Club and is primarily involved in some fantastic new developments right now!
Ally is about to oversee the launch of our wonderful new Website.  Talk about rushing headfirst into the future with this…it is modern and user friendly.  Ally also works on the newsletter you are reading right now (but didn’t write this about herself) and is primarily responsible for its “publication” as well as its distribution together with our Club Administrator – Brooke Edwards.
Married to our previous coach Tuddy and with two beautiful little girls making up her family, Ally is a true Devil Volunteer!! Ally – we salute you.